I have been with John Mathers and his team for all my personal and business insurance policies for over 5 years. His dedication to me and my business needs have been second to none and I am glad I made the switch. He was able to reduce my costs and increase my coverage while providing service the big guys only wish they could do. John Mathers is your guy!

Jim Charbonneau | RCDD/MCSE | KDZ Consulting

Voted the best insurance agent in the Clarkston area – 3 years in a row.

Clarkston News | Reader’s Choice

Having John Mathers as our Insurance Agent, allows us to have peace of mind and reassurance that we are covered in any situation. With regard to our Business General Liability, Commercial Auto and Worker’s Compensation policies, John has been very helpful in making sure we have the coverage we need at a reasonable cost. As a Contractor, there are times when we need specific wording or endorsements added to our policies and certificates of insurance – this has always been handled very efficiently and accurately. We’ve also had to obtain bonds on short notice. John has always accommodated our needs as quickly as they come up. John Mathers is very knowledgeable, great to work with, and has a great staff.

Darlene Brokenshaw | SignGraphix, Inc.

John at Mathers Insurance and his team have helped us over the past few years as we have grown our family with our home owner’s insurance, car insurance and life insurance too! Especially because we have 3 amazing little ones in our home, John makes sure we have the right insurances in place to protect our family at every level from the home we live in, the cars we drive to having the emergency plan in place with life insurance to guard my family. We strongly recommend John and his team to do for you and your family what he has for ours!

Jeremiah Roy

Mathers Insurance was extremely professional handling my request for home and auto insurance. They found me the best prices and were very quick in getting me all the documents needed to get me quickly on the road with my cars. Buy a new car? They get the documents out right away to the dealership. I liked them so much that when we started a business, they were the first place that I asked for business insurance. Call them. They are very helpful.

Barb Corp

I met John years ago and he has always been an honest hard working person with a high standard and business background. That is why I decided to have John handle all my business and personal insurance needs. The customer service has been excellent with quick call backs with real solutions. John has helped us lower our costs and show us other options for our business that has helped us secure our future. I would highly recommend John to anyone that needs his services….you won’t be disappointed.

Michael Newcomb | WEB GUY | WorldWise.net

We are very happy with the service by Mathers Insurance Agency. John Mathers has a great staff and I feel like they are always looking out for me and my best interests. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Mathers Insurance for your business and personal insurance needs.

Larry Liford | Liford Plumbing and Mechanical


When was your last personal insurance checkup?

Are you sure you are fully covered at the most competitive rates?

Personal insurance includes auto and home – your RV or boat, your condo or cottage. Whether you own or rent, you need to be covered.

  • Automobile
  • Homeowners
  • Condominium Owners
  • Renter’s Insurance
  • Recreational Vehicles
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  • Scheduled Article Riders
  • Umbrella

Here are some tips to keep in mind when reviewing your auto insurance:
(These tips are from Bottom Line/Wealth, who interviewed J.D. Howard, executive director of the Insurance Consumer Advocate Network, an insurance consumer advocacy organization)

Hidden Auto Insurance Traps
Seemingly minor caveats and clauses buried deep in the small print of auto insurance policies often spell the difference between good policies and bad ones. Ask your insurance agent or phone representative the following questions before signing an insurance contract, and confirm that the same answers are found in the policy itself.
Family policies cover all the drivers in the home and anyone they lend their cars to, while “named-insured-only” policies cover only drivers explicitly named on the policy. Family policies cost perhaps 10% to 15% more (or higher, depending on many factors, including the driving records of any of the other drivers), but they are the proper choice if anyone other than the policyholder ever drives the vehicle. Many car owners do not even realize that they have named-insured-only policies, and they lend their vehicles to friends and family members unaware that they might not be covered in the event of an accident.
Several insurance companies, including Geico, Nationwide and Progressive, have re-worded some auto insurance contracts to limit car owners’ repair options following accidents. Using aftermarket parts – parts not made by the vehicle’s manufacturer – in a vehicle could void its warranty.

Example: Your radiator must be replaced following an accident. A year later, your engine seizes up. The dealership likely will refuse to honor your warranty because of the aftermarket radiator.

This section of your auto insurance policy sets limits on how much the insurer will pay. It might say that the insurer will pay “no more than the prevailing per hour labor rate of repair shops in the region,” or “no more than a competitive estimate of repair costs.”

Unfortunately, some insurers – including Geico, Nationwide and Progressive – have begun tacking the phrase “as defined by us” onto the end of these limitation clauses in some contracts, effectively giving the insurance company the right to insist on below-market repair rates. Their policyholders must either take their vehicle to the insurer’s “approved” repair shop, which is willing to do repairs for the low ball rate, or take the vehicle to a better repair shop and pay the difference out of pocket.